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Farms for sale in Brazil, Agriculture and Livestock

Buildings and products for sale

We work with buying and selling of real estate and rural areas. We in the city in Central Brazil Uberlândia, work with sale and purchase of hotel, business, large areas, reforestation, agricultural products with coffee and oil. Make an appointment enie email to vendas@thiagocorretor.com.br

Code: 196
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: President Olegário / MG
Value: R $ 5,000,000.00
Property details:
Farm located in President Olegário / MG, about 70 km from Patos de Minas, 50 km from President Olegário and 5 km of asphalt. Are 1,670 hectares, Furnas, 800 hectares in braquiarão and braquiarinha, 60 hectares in eucalyptus, several sources with approximately 06 (SEIS) rivers, home, and 8 curral pastures. Give to plant about 300 hectares of coffee. See more details.
Total area of land: 1,670 hectares

Code: 208
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: Bom Jesus de Goiás / GO
Value: R $ 1,750,000.00
Property details:
Great ranch, flat, sale in Bom Jesus de Goias, 46 miners bushels or 222.64 hectares, formed, stream (happening in the middle of the property), good seat, curral, home to home, facing the road, 20 km from city. Excellent business and great price. This planted with sugar cane in the currency and is near the plant.
Total area of land: 222.64 hectares

Code: 209
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: Monte Santo de Minas / MG
Value: R $ 1,600,000.00
Property details:
Farm for sale in Minas Gerais, City of Monte Santo de Minas, miners are 80 acres or 387.5 hectares were for livestock, Brachiaria, flat and slightly inclined, good seat, house home, curralama, 02 dams, excellent water, only 16 km from the city. The city of Monte Santo de Minas is located only 100 of Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo. It is worth giving.
Total area of land: 387.5 hactares

Code: 215
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: Uberaba / MG
Value: R $ 430,000.00
Property details:
Excellent site, farm in Uberaba Uberlândia sense. 12.5 acres are miners or 60.5 hectares, located 18 km of asphalt Uberlândia is 13, and 5 km from shore. Ideal for soybeans, corn or fattening. It has 02 streams and 01 spring inside the property. Has no improvements, only a corral, board and about 05 wires in Paraguayan currency. CEMIG has the power to 500 mts. Make a visit, and excellent business opportunity.
Total area of land: 60.5 acres

Code: 216
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: Araguari / MG
Value: R $ 2,900,000.00
Property details:
Farm in the City of Araguari, city that is part of the Triangle Mineiro, is 29 kilometers from Uberlândia (clover to clover). The door of the headquarters of the ranch until the clover of Uberlândia is 80 km and is only 9 miles of dirt road. Founded in pasture Brachiaria, has 22 rooms all interconnected grass of the dam (with much fish) which surrounds the large farm, the capacity for 1,000 head, about 5 wire, complete with curral Bret, balance, board, paddock. Project to have 02 ranches on the edge of the dam, the colonial house with fruit trees, swimming pool with great thirst. The georeferencing of this property was recently repeated, is all documented, is 84 bushels miners (registered with the reserve) or 406.56 hectares.
Total area of land: 406.56 hectares

Code: 220
Farms - Venda
Neighborhood: Rural Area
City: Jangada / MT
Value: R $ 12,000,000.00
Property details:
Farm with the sale of brandy distillery in the city of Jangada-Mato Grosso, only 06 km from the city. Company of Social Contract with distillery since 19-11-1986 with current Registered Capital of $ 378,850.00 and documentation in order in the spheres Federal, State and Municipal. Current production of 20,000 L / Day and possibility: 30,000 L / Day, the growing of sugar cane land, total area of 1,660 hectares, with 400 Ha cane, pasture and several are in 1000 and has Ha leisure area of 260 hectares, 80 hectares of the dam, 02 sheds, 01 field of aviation and island (separate area at 6 km from the plant), 07 km from Rio margin, several streams, dams.
The set has 03 industrial Costumes of milling, 16 Dornas for fermentation, distillation column mark Dedini, tanks w / storage of 1,450,000 L, boiler, reservoir for water supply and the portfolio of sales for the state of Mato Grosso and Rondônia. It has excellent headquarters, headquarters, several houses, shed / deposit c / 1,500 meters, the factory shed c / 2,000 meters, corral, fences and power network.
Vehicle: Truck tilting 2423 2001 Mercedes; 2217 years 1989 Tank Truck Mercedes; Truck 712 1999 Mercedes.
Below report of machinery and equipment:
1-Tractor wake of Massey Ferguson in 1978.
1-Tractor tire of 2005 Valtra.
1-Tractor tire of Valmet 1991.
1-Tractor tire of Valmet 1994.
1-Tractor tire of Valmet 1992.
1-loader Motocana 2005 Valtra.
1-loader Motocana 2001 Valtra.
1-loader Motocana 1990 Valmet.
1-loader Motocana 1984 Valmet.
1-loader Motocana 1988 CBT.
1-Carreta Canavieiras Julieta 2001 Goido.
1-Distillery Calcáreo of 4 Ton.1995 Tatu.
1-subsoiler 7 stems Baldan 1995.
1-Grade aradora 14D x 24 "1995 Tatu.
1-Grade aradora 12D x 36 "1995 Baldan.
1-harrows 32D x 14 "1995 Baldan.
1-BMD Sulcador 1995.
1-Applicator soil insecticides BMD 2006.
1-Nozzle bar 600 L 1998 jet.
1-Carreta armadillo 4 wheels in 1998.
1-Alcohol Distillery: 40,000 L / day Mepan column Codesil 1980.
1-Balance Toledo 30 tonnes in 1985.
2-capacity storage tanks of 500,000 L.1995.
1-tank storage capacity of 300,000 L. 1995.
1-Set of irrigation capacity 30 Ha. 1990.
Make an appointment, contact details and get this great opportunity for investment and business.
Total area of land: 1,660 hectares

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